Twitter feed no longer updating


Hi, we are using a plugin called Frolic on a WordPress site to get the feed for @LiverTrust. It was working fine but last month it just stopped.

I posted on the Frolic forum and they suggested reaching out to twitter to see if they have run out of request tokens - how do I find this out?

I have also check all my settings and tried regenerating my keys and tokens but it appears to make no difference.

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately we don’t know anything about Frolic or what the code is doing. We have our own supported Wordpress plugin for adding Twitter feeds, and also offer our own embedded feed widgets for any website.

I think it is highly unlikely that a plugin would have run out of tokens (especially if they are having you create a Twitter app and generate your own keys and tokens, since that means you just have 1 token, which is all you would need for that instance).

Are you seeing any errors in your Javascript console? Does the Frolic plugin cache Tweets in the Wordpress database, or does it pull the timeline live on every site refresh? This is difficult for us to help you to debug without more technical information, unfortunately. I’m unable to see the Frolic forums as I’m not a member of the iThemes site.