Twitter feed no longer appears on my website


The twitter feed no longer appears on my website (iweb). All that appears now is a link “Tweets by @xxxxxxxx”. Is there a new and simple HTML copy/paste that will allow the feed to display? Or what procedure is needed to restore the feed? I’m not a majorly technical person, so I hope the process is not too difficult.


A Twitter embedded user timeline contains two parts: a link with “Tweets by @username” and JavaScript loaded by the browser to convert the link into a fully rendered embedded timeline. It seems like the JavaScript is not loading onto the page or your browser is not supported by Twitter’s JavaScript.

Which browser are you using? Twitter recently dropped support for IE 7 and 8.


I’m using Safari 5.0.6


Twitter’s JavaScript may have been stripped from your page when publishing.

View source of the page. Search for to discover if Twitter’s JavaScript was published with your site.

A quick web search suggests you may need to paste the HTML snippet generated on into an iWeb HTML snippet.

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