Twitter feed italicizes website content


Hi, a day or so ago our site started breaking. We have a Twitter feed based on the It seems the displayed tweets now have additional tags and they are not properly closed. This results in page content following the feed is all italicized.

See an example here:

<em>@<a class=" " href="">clintenglish</a> Contact us directly if you like:<em> http:<em>/<em>/</em>


I’ve filed this bug with our implementation team. Are you using’s ATOM format for these results?


Yes, thanks Taylor.


I can confirm this bug across all our themes using the Twitter API, resulting in all italicized text.


Problem is still here, but quick workaround: not using “description”, but “title”, in many cases both are identical and is not with wrong < em>

Hope this help!


We’re still trying to track down the exact cause of this. Can someone who is experiencing this share the exact query they’re executing when tweets are returned with unclosed EM tags? The specifics of the query matter here. Thanks!


here is mine:


Hi Taylor,
There are two different queries. Although I licence the themes I’d ask David Morgan for the Organic Themes query as it is their copyright. I’ve placed a second query here which uses a different method to help address the issue.

Output is here:


It looks like the bug has been fixed. Thanks so much!!



Great, thanks for letting me know that it’s resolved for you.

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