Twitter feed is not getting displayed in my application


Few months back I was integrated twitter feed in one of my application.Feed was displaying properly on staging and live environment. From last few weeks,I was seeing that sometimes twitter feed get displayed and sometime not for few minutes. Suddenly today I saw that feed is not getting displayed and now it is more than 12 hours since it is not displaying on live environment . I validated all the code again on the live environment, all is as it is at staging server.

When I checked the log file. Below exception recorded -

“Exception of type ‘TwitterAPIException’ was thrown.”
I created a new copy of twitter.ascx user control and put it on a dummy page. Now I can see the twitter feed. Somewhere I am in doubt that it may be a issue from twitter API as I am using old “twittervb.dll” and now Twittervb2 has been released.

UPDATE1 - Just now when i changed the account information in the web.confog. now feed comes from this account. Now it is clear that somewhere account info is not correct . but same account infomation on stagging server gives the feed . again a surprise .

UPDATE-2 Now i can see the feed , just cut and pasted the same config entries in the web.config.

UPDATE -3 Feed again get disappeared.after 5 min of time span.

now i am very sure that issue is something in my account . Please someone help me here .