Twitter feed has disappeared from website



Hello folks. Have contacted @twitter and @support several times since Monday but to no avail. I have done nothing yet my twitter feed has disappeared from two websites websites I manage. I went back to twitter and re-uploaded a new code for one of the websites, but to no avail. Any ideas what’s going on. Surprised no response from Twitter since 10am GMT Monday and it is now 6pm GMT Wednesday

Thank you


Can you share the embed code you are using?


Thank you - here they are

The one that suddenly stopped working on my own site:
Tweets by @MaykitEvents

This is the one that I used to replace the one I thought might be out of date:
Tweets by @radiojcomleeds


The embed code you’re adding to your web page should look something like this:

<a class="twitter-timeline" href="" data-widget-id="664556271006171136">Tweets by @MaykitEvents</a>
<script src="" async></script>

You can get this embed code by creating a timeline widget at Can you confirm this is what you’re doing?

Also, are you seeing this problem in all browsers?


Oh what an idiot I am. Thank you!

I use only Firefox. Opened the browser thing that comes with Windows 10 and it works fine there.

Must be something in Firefox.

Kind regards


Do you see any errors in the console when loading the page in Firefox? Also are you browsing “Private Browsing” windows? If you are, this is most likely the cause: