Twitter feed embedded no longer working?


I had my Twitter feed embedded in my website & it is no longer functioning, it just shows up as “tweets by @___” - does anyone know how to get it embedded properly again? Thanks!


An embedded user timeline consists of two parts: the link you are currently seeing and Twitter’s widgets JavaScript which enhances the link into a full timeline.

View source of your page and check for to make sure Twitter’s widgets JavaScript is included on your page.


yes, it is included and it is not appearing properly.

the website in question is

i have exactly what is outlined on & all that comes up is “tweets by @adsotomayor”:

why is it not displaying?


Your website includes version 1.6 of the Prototype JavaScript library, released in 2007. This version of Prototype interferes with modern browser behaviors, overriding browser functionality used by Twitter’s widgets JavaScript.

Replacing the Prototype library in your iWebSite JavaScript with the latest version of Prototype may help.