Twitter Feed Disappeared on Website


My feed is no longer on my webstie blog. I did not do any behind changes…
The feed is soooooooooooo attractive with photos, quotes and videos showing
up on the side… But where is that feed now???/.

Your valued help and assistance is greatly appreciated.


My Twitter Feed also disappeared today. No changes to the code were made. I even created a new widget in an attempt to fix the problem. No luck.

I will assume this is an issue on twitter’s end and will patiently await the fix.


Yes, same here. Twitter feed disappeared. Have recreated it in attempt to fix the issue but failed. We can only assume the problem is on Twitter’s end. I’m sure the guys are working fast to fix it. We’ll just have to wait.


This is a twitter issue, and they are working on it at the moment.
Refer to link for progress on issue.


Our twitter feed has also disappeared from our site. It was working fine as of last night. We did not change anything on our site. What happened?


<3 ?