Twitter Favourites Rate Limits


I have a quick question regarding the rate limits for Twitter Favourites - specifically the GET favorites/list call. I built to keep track of my favourites. It lets you search and organise your favourites.

Anyway, it works as follows:

  • You sign up and authorize the application
  • It imports your favourites (every 15 minutes it makes a call to GET favourites/list and imports any new tweets that you favourited)
  • It uses the user’s access token to make the call

When checking the log file I noticed that one of the import jobs failed for a particular user. The error was: “Rate Limit Exceeded”.

My understanding was that an autorized user could make 15 requests in a 15 minute window (and each request could return a maximum of 200 favourited tweets)

My job was running once every 15 minutes, so I’m not sure why that user is getting the “Rate Limited Exceeded” error.

Why might this be happening?

Thanks in advance,



That is completely right. This sounds like a strange behavior of the Twitter API, as far as I understand it, it should work just fine (except if that User signed up multiple times and you are fetching more than once). Maybe @andypiper or @rchoi can provide further information or come up with something that I might have missed which could cause this?


How many individual requests does a job make? just 1 with count=200? or is it paginating like this (that would count for multiple requests)

Sometimes rate limit reset times aren’t precise to the second - waiting an extra few seconds can sometimes avoid these errors.