Twitter fails to shorten .blog URLs


Twitter is failing to shorten .blog URLs when shared from a Twitter share button, however is shortening them correctly when shared from a timeline.

Take the following URL for example:

and trigger sharing from a Twitter share button. You can see that the character count is 56 instead of 117. This is causing serious issues for users on the WordPress platform with .blog domains that are trying to share their articles.
Is this a known issue?


Thanks for reporting this - I was not aware of it and have reproduced - I’ll raise internally (tracking as PREL-22081)


Thanks Andy, I work at automattic and we have a user complaining about this, do you think it will be a simple fix that will be deployed soon or shall I suggest she moves away from .blog?


I’m hopeful that this is straightforward fix, but I can’t provide a timescale to you or your users at the moment and “soon” can be relative - obviously we do apologise for the issue.

I think it’s something we’d want to fix rather than leaving as a discrepancy between our experiences, so if your users can be patient for a short while I hope we can get it sorted out. Watch this space, when I have anything new to share I will do so…


:+1: thx


Hey @elibud, the team is on top of this but it is likely to take a couple of days for the relevant deploy to go through on our side. Hopefully will be sorted out inside this week.


Great news, thanks for keeping us posted @andypiper!


We believe that this issue is now resolved - thanks again for reporting and for your patience while we sorted it out.


Thanks Andy, I’ve just verified is working at least for that particular case :slight_smile: