Twitter fabric android account login issue



I have two twitter and fabric account, One for my personal use and one my firm’s. For testing I did create a localhost oauth for web and integrated in android app. It was working fine. Then I created another twitter oauth app via my firm’s account and also a fabric account. The oauth web flow is working fine. But in android, even after logging in with new fabric account, changing the file appSecret and appkey and also twitter key and twitter secret, It redirected to the app created from my personal account. After several try and frustration I deleted the app from my personal account. Now in android I am getting an error as below

"Failed to get request token 401 Authorization Required"


@clovedigital Thanks for reaching out on this and sorry for the difficulties you hit. With the app removed, there wouldn’t be a valid key anymore which would explain the 401. If you re-add the app through Fabric, does that help things out?


I am trying to get the app of my firm’s account in android. I removed the app from my personal account, But not from my firm’s account. Again just to test, I created another app in my personal account but it is not redirecting to that new app even after I again logged in with my personal twitter account in fabric, and also entered newly generated twitter key and twitter secret, new app is not connecting. Still 401 error persists.

Is there any other option in fabric to fetch only the firm’s app when i am logged in with the firm’s twitter account. I am facing this issue for a week now. I need to solve this as soon as possible.


I’m not quite sure I’m following @clovedigital - can you share the package name of your app? The issue is that you’re logged into your personal account on your firm’s app and you need to be logged into the firm’s Twitter account instead of your personal one?


I’m just trying to tell you that fabric is not overriding the new account’s app with the old one. When logged in with firm’s account, Personal account’s app was showing. When I delete the app from personal account, It was showing 401 error… No way it showing my firm’s account’s oauth page

My package name is “com.clovedigital.alarm”