I am using ruby Twitter gem to stream and it has worked for the last few months. It stopped working yesterday and when I try to restart I keep getting ServiceUnavailable error.
Thank you for your help.


That sounds odd - service unavailable is usually a temporary error and should be resolved by retrying later.


Yeah, I did some more testing and what I found out is that when I reduce the number of twitter accounts in my streaming function to 3300 it starts to work again. At 3400 accounts I get the ServiceUnavailable error again. I thought that the rate limit is 5000 accounts. Has anything changed?


Not that I am aware of - are you sure the query you are sending is not exceeding the string limit on a URL query?


Not exactly sure what you mean by ‘the string limit on a URL query’. I only filter for accounts in this particular stream. I do get the url entity of the tweet object that is returned but I don’t think that is what you mean, or is it?