Twitter Error 88: Rate limit exceeded



I have a program to get followers details of a person. the code is working fine upto the follower count 3000. i tried with another person which have 200000 Followers. Unfortunately it is showing only 300 followers and show a error message Error 88: Rate limit exceeded why this happen? do we need to pay anything for twitter to remove this message or get unlimited access?

Please help me.



[node:10066] explains the rate limit model – to accomplish your goals with users with that many followers, you’ll need to break the process up into different 15 minute windows.


Hello Taylor Singletary,

Thanks for your replay but how ? can you explain little more?



If you can only request a method like friends/ids 15 times per 15 minutes and it can return up to 5000 ids per request, then you would need 40 requests to retrieve 200,000 followers. 40 requests would take you three rate limit windows to work through.


can I write something in my code that eliminate the limits?