Twitter Embedded Timeline Not Displaying in Firefox or Safari


I have just installed Twitter Embedded Timeline on my home page. It works fine in Chrome and IE, but does not display in Firefox or Safari. The Error Console in Firefox shows several messages of the type:

“Unknown property ‘-moz-border-radius’. Declaration dropped.”.

There are maybe 100 or so of these entries, each with a different property listed, but all contain the Twitter CSS link.

The embed is on

Can anyone help with this??

Thanks in advance.


I fixed my own problem. I had entered for the domain, but it seems you also need to have entered as well.


Hi, i have the same problem!
I create a new Timeline for my Website.
But only IE shows the Timeline :frowning:
No other Browser ( Firefox or Safari) shows my timeline … why?

Can you describe the solution in more detail?


Twitter no longer requires the domain to be specified, however your problem may be if you are running an adblock browser extension. It will see the twitter iframe as an ad and block it.