Twitter down?


All the apis and website not working ,throws internal server error. Whats happening? Unable to even post in twitter website, via mobile app too.


Working for me without any problem


There was a short outage earlier - apologies for the inconvenience - things should have returned to normal operation at this time.


Down again? We couldn’t use any of tools in twitter accounts…


Yes again its not working


It’s been working for me this morning. What endpoints are you guys using?


I receive many issues from this endpoint since 5 a.m. UTC. All of them have 131 error code.


Sometimes, the service has occasional (and temporary) issues caused by load, a product issue / bug, or even a deliberate attempt to disrupt the site from external sources.

As we Tweeted earlier, we were aware of a couple of windows of instability today.

The best thing to do in these cases is to try again later. Twitter is a distributed system, so depending on the specific endpoints you are using, results may sometimes differ due to eventual consistency on the backend.

Thanks, and apologies for any inconvenience you may experience.