Twitter Domain Name for its Spider



In order to curtail hotlinking on our site, I need to whitelist domain or wildcard domains. Currently Twitter Cards is returning a 403 for the image so I need to add a domain or set of domain names that Twitter uses when it retrieves an image from our site.

Any idea what they are so I can get them whitelisted? I’ve added * and * but still getting a 403 in the Twitter Cards Preview tool at



Yeah, I see that the pages containing the card tags are crawled with an agent of “Twitterbot*” BUT I also see that the player link (for example) in said tags are hit with a different agent. Unfortunately I do not know what this other agent or referer domain is - I want to know too!


PS. Oddly enough the image links in the tags do indeed sem to get hit with “Twitterbot*” agent…