Twitter doesn't recognise my Location


Hi, I am desperate for help. Twitter has ignored my many, many requests. I have even wrote to developers but to no avail. Twitter only offers me foreign accounts to follow. If I try to follow people in the UK or any other English speaking country people don’t follow me back. I was getting about 250 followers per day, now maybe 7. Unusual as I have over 7K followers. I feel as is my I.D is being masked and I am invisible. I have taken all steps to secure my account, changing passwords, not allowing any apps, etc (baring this one, that I have just accepted) My account will allow me to follow myself and I get notifications on my phone of a new message and it is a tweet I have sent to someone else, it acts as if I am another person. I’m at my wits end and don’t know else to try. I would extremely grateful for any help. Thank you


P.S When i am on my feed, twitter tells me that it is translating the page from Chinese and sometimes when I am a tweet, I get an error message saying that it couldn’t translate my text. Thanks again