Twitter doesn't exist!


I have a problem with Twitter, Twitter says that account doesn’t exist however it exists.

The thing is, sometimes it works to add Twitter Accounts, and sometimes it don’t work. When it is not working I get the error 'Twitter Does not exist! "and if I wait about 15-30 minutes and login again and try to add my Twitter account again it works again.

Anyone you know what could be the problem?

Here is the link to the php file:


I have a 2nd account and used it all day and it suddently stop saying to re enter password so I did and it kept saying it was wrong . So I logged out to log back in now it keep saying it doesn’t exist . It’s been this way for a day now & nothing is working. Any suggestions ?


I have a 2nd account and all of a sudden unbeknownst to me it is now protected. I cant access it.Any suggestions? I tried the unprotected steps.


may i ask if you have gotten this fixed as i have the same problem on my other account


no i havent…Its driving me mental! I was only on twitter for one day and ive 5 celebs following me to donate and twitter have cut me off and WONT reply…Im raising funds for flood vic in QLD and NSW AND i have a radio interview at 3pm today to tell everyone to follow me on twitter…how embarassing now im suspended for a damn error on their part!