Twitter does not seem to provide a PIN during OAuth process


I’m trying to build a feed of my own posts and am running into issues.

I have tried following the tutorial here:

I had to change a portion of this on the step which has the line
$request = $oauth->getRequestToken();
$request = $oauth->getRequestToken(‘’);

Which is a directory on my site structure with a validate.php file which has the code from the next step.

And everything seems to go okay up until I get to step 5 of the section labeled “Create a Request Token and a Registration URL”.
Twitter does not seem to provide me with a pin. I click the authenticate button and it brings me to the callback I specified earlier “” with

Is there any official reference on what is required to make use of the api? All of the documentation I find doesn’t seem to explain much.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, helpful links, tutorial, explaination of the process, anything really.

Thank you in advanced