Twitter DM Endpoint Taking 1 to 2 minutes to send



Posting to the new DM endpoint is taking over a minute to post about 5% of the time currently.

A dm either sends immediately or takes 1 to 2 minutes. All have been successful.

Is there a known issue with the DM endpoint?


Hi @bobber205. There aren’t any known issues with the DM endpoint, but does there seem to be a pattern with which ones are delayed vs. which ones post immediately?


The only pattern I could discern was all the DMs that took a long time to send had a media attachment.


Hey @bobber205 - Did this just start happening to recently or has it been present for a while? And do you have any specific DM ids that we can pass along to the product team to help investigate?


I would love to provide one but we’re currently locked out of our account.

I think Twitter thought it was hacked? Happened right after yesterday’s game as soon as winners were tweeted. We haven’t been able to DM anyway recently because of this. :sweat_smile:


Have you submitted a support request? and if so, do you have a case number?


We did – took a 2 business days to recover. No reason given why it was locked out yet. Our 2FA was even disabled! yikes


I’m sorry to hear this. Definitely not the quality experience that we strive for here at Twitter.

If you can access those DM ids now, that would greatly help in the investigation of the original issue listed in this topic.

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