Twitter DM API broke around August 30, 2018



I have been using the DM API successfully since October 2017 every day. Now I go back and see my logs that it broke around August 30, 2018. I didn’t change my code or config since Oct 2017.

The response I’m seeing endpoint is:

{"errors":[{"code":34,"message":"Sorry, that page does not exist."}]}

Here’s the request:

[deleted to protect privacy]

Then I head to the documentation ( to see that the URL is changed to with an additional /events/ segment in it.

Can someone explain why this change happened in a breaking way? Also what happened on August 30, 2018.?


Hmm looks like there was some announcement at which is not reachable anymore.

Found this link through:

I wish the announcement was still up. :frowning:


The legacy DM API was deprecated and removed as was announced several times on the blog and in this community.

To continue interacting with Twitter direct messages you’ll need to switch to the new API.


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