Twitter displaying issue


twitter tweets are not being displayed on server


Can you provide more information about this? There really is not a lot to go on here.


i used the provided code from twitter settings…this is working on the local browser once it is uploaded on server then twitter feeds are not displaying


When reporting a bug, please verify as much of the following as you are able:

  1. Please check your widget in multiple browsers. Does the issue only occur in Firefox, or is it common across Chrome and IE too?
  2. Are you able to see any widget running elsewhere on the web? Check out the Twitter Blog ( to see if your browser is showing any embedded Tweets, timelines, and follow buttons.
  3. Are you running an ad-block or internet security plug-in in your browser? If you can, please temporarily disable the plugin and test your page again. Unfortunately some applications can overzealously interfere with the Twitter widget script in your page, and prevent a widget loading in your browser.
    If you find that it was a plugin is causing the problem, please still let us know. We’d love to collect examples and contact the developers to see if we can still get the problem fixed.
  4. If some tweets do not appear in a user timeline, be careful that replies (tweets starting with @) are hidden by default. If you want to show them, in the widget settings make sure to uncheck “Exclude replies”.
  5. If you’re more technically comfortable, open up the developer console in your browser and type twttr. Press return. Is that object defined? If not, you may be missing widgets-js in your page. Add the script to your site template.

If your widget still doesn’t render, please provide:

  1. A clear description of the problem.
  2. A link to the page (or better still, a reduced test case) demonstrating where the widget is failing.
    You may find this JSFiddle template a useful starting point for demonstrating the bug:
  3. The name and full version number of the browser you’re using when the problem occurs.
  4. Any information about plugins or proxies that you’re running that might be relevant.

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