Twitter Developer Survey


Hi everyone,

The Twitter platform is evolving constantly, and we want to better understand how you’re using and want to use the platform. We’d really appreciate you taking ten minutes to fill out this survey; it’ll help us gauge how and where to invest to meet your needs.

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Thanks in advance for taking the time to fill this out. Your feedback is important to us.



Done. Am I correct in assuming that the question about the city I live in is about getting a developer event close to us non-US people? :slight_smile:


I <3 the Twitter API, I agree that it’s constantly evolving and continues to improve upon itself. One of the things that means the most to me is the responsiveness offered by the Twitter API developers (through the discussion boards, @twitterapi, etc) and also the support ya’ll give your open source community.

Some opportunities I’d like to see in the future:

  • streaming by language (i.e. English only tweets, I can check tweets streamed in by the language assigned to the account but there are many languages not mentioned in the drop down.)
  • ease of requesting additional streaming levels (squirter, garden hose, adding additional number of keyword filters or followers)…it normally takes me a long to find the forms…which is probably on purpose too but maybe for seasoned Twitter developers make it a little easier…
  • opportunities to join beta testing (I’m a Twitter developer for a large enterprise company and we’d love the opportunities to access early some of the functionality offered to @cotweet, etc.) We would be enthusiastic beta testers :smiley:


@TvdW, stay tuned! We’re definitely planning on hitting the road and heading to cities around the US and internationally


My big ask (yeah, I put it on the form) is a formal release of the rather excellent JSAPI behind @anywhere… this was sort of shown as development pre-release and now seems to have been pulled even from that state, which seems a damn shame for those us doing twitter in AJAX.

@anywhere is still supported, but not the goodies underneath it (and they ARE still underneath it).

Between that and the widgets (which I also consider could be a key asset for developers if opened up slightly) it seems that there’s some great work gone in standardising and wrapping up details. For example, I use the widget code to assemble the presentation of tweets, as that way I’m pretty sure I’m going to comply with the “Tweet Presentation Rules” (avatars, images, screen names, intents, corporate logo etc etc) whereas with “other APIs” I have to reverse engineer and recreate the presentation logic for the data that they’re happy for me to use, but want to say HOW I should present it.

For the avoidance of doubt: “Pretty please… oh go on… I’ll be your best friend…” :slight_smile:


Survey filled out :slight_smile:
Thanks for doing all this new developer stuff!


Sir, I have found that twitter is a platform," to express, to know and to evaluate the important issues" It’s a blessing by itself.


Thanks for all of the feedback, guys. Appreciate you taking time to fill out the survey.


Survey completed.

The twitter API is elegant, well documented and well supported.

I just wish it did more (particularly when it comes to retrieving list of followers added/removed since a given date). It’s tough when I have to work hard to create a work-around to do something that is easy for you to do. But, developers always want more. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the API-awesomeness. Nicely done.


Survey done, thanks for care about API developer.
We love your job !


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When reading @geekettebits comment, I thought of something I didn’t mention. It would be nice to have people set up their language or nationality in a structured manner.

I know people can add location, but “Under a bridge” is not useful.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you can have (for example) Swahili language on Twitter, but knowing a user considers themself that, can help us developers.


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This survey is a good way for the platform of these api’s.

Needless to say, a second survey should be held.


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