Twitter developer buttons replacing all images in IE8


Hi – this weekend, we started getting complaints from our users on IE8 on XP (amongst others) that when they browsed to the site, it took ages to load, and when it did load, all the images on there were twitter buttons.
I remember there was an issue with this last year sometime when the JS for share buttons changed.
Well, we have the share button JS in our main page, and it looks like it has happened again.
Could you tell us if the JS has changed again, and if it has, when maybe the bug with it will be fixed?
We’ve had to turn off sharing with twitter, for the time being.
Thanks very much,


This exact issue started happening on our site as well, late last week.

Any word on when this is going to be fixed (again)?


We have pushed out new releases in the last week, although nothing that should affect detection of widgets. For bug reports like this, we really need URLs to go test against and reproduce the issue. If could be caused by conflicts with other libraries (although we try to minimise the chance of those sorts of errors.)

Please follow up with a link to the broken page and I’ll take a look (either the real page, or a copy of the page that exhibits the error is fine. I can understand if you want to comment out our script in the interim!)


Same issue here, to clarify I’ve made a page to demonstrate the problem. I’ve encountered this problem with IE8 under XP and IE9 and 10’s compatibilitymode under Win7. So it should be reproducable now:

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The definition of Array.prototype.indexOf in /static/uvtpresentation/js/jquery.scripts.js on your site is incorrect: it should return -1 in case the element is not found.


Ah, that seems to fix the problem on test. Time to get it through the OTAP street. Thanks


FYI, although the bug is triggered by a buggy indexOf implementation, we’re putting a patch together that will ensure we don’t trip up it.


Brilliant, I’ll look forwards to that, and re-enabling the twitter buttons on our site – thanks very much!
I guess notification for it will be on this thread?


In fact the fix has been deployed today so it should now work.


Brilliant, I’ll get that out later today, then – thanks for the amazing response!