Twitter Developer API still pending approval


On August 28, 2018, we receive e-mail saying that additional information on use cases is required for developer application.
After that, on October 4, I sent an e-mail describing the more detailed usage method in the form of replying to the mail as it is, but it is still on hold afterwards.
I reply with Gmail as it is quoted text as it is.
I want detailed information on whether there was incompleteness.
Thank you.


After looking into this for you, it appears you indicated in your application that your product or service has government or public sector end users. In order to complete our review of your application, we need additional information about your use case and these users:

  • A list of which government or public sector entities will have access to Twitter content, or information derived from Twitter content, under this use case
  • The specific use cases of your product or service by government or public sector entities

To provide this information to Twitter, please reply directly to the email we sent you.

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