Twitter Developer Account still under review after months


Hello dears! There is such a thing. Here is read and see that have many the problem such a same as I have. I also have about a month hanging in the examination. When I applied and confirmed the email, no more letters came and there is no spam folder. Then I have a very twitter account changed the email on the other, but still hate to see any of the old email nor the new email regarding the consideration of the application. Here because of it already there are losses. Lost a lot of nerves! Your site can’t do the log in with twitter, and it’s a shame that the money spent on hosting with the hope that there will be no problems. As a result, a month of time wasted. I think then turn off this section of the developer still applications are not considered and see that all respond that perhaps the letters are sent, but they are not! !! And the applications months are hanging not approved.

Всем привет! Тут такое дело. Вот читаю и вижу что у многих проблема такая же как у меня. У меня тоже около месяца висит в рассмотрении. Когда подал заявку и подтвердил email, то больше писем не приходило и в спам папке нет. Потом я у самой учетной записи twitter сменил email на другой, но все равно письма не приходят ни на старый email ни на новый email по поводу рассмотрения заявки. Вот из-за этого уже идут убытки. Потеряно много нервов! У своего сайта не могу сделать вход через twitter, и обидно что деньги тратил на холстинг с надеждой что тут проблем не будет. В итоге месяц времени потрачено зря. Думаю тогда отключите совсем этот раздел разработчика все равно заявки не рассматривают и вижу что всем отвечают что возможно письма отправляются, но Их нет! !! И заявки месяцами висят не одобренными.


No one here? Yes, Twitter is looking ignores. Applications are not approved, letters do not come to the post office and silent. Will someone answer or not???

Здесь никого? Да, Twitter смотрит игнорирует. Заявки не одобряются, письма не приходят на почту и молчат. Кто-нибудь ответит или нет???


My application is still under review, i’m almost waiting one month now.

My dev account is @stefandotxyz, and I have not received any emails asking for more information about my use case. Please look into it.

Thank you in advance.


I am in the same situation. handler ( @OnlycolaYu ). Please take a look. Thanks.


Not believe that there is no moderators here. Because of your ignoring all the work is worth it and all the time was wasted!!! If you ignore, then disable the section for the developer so that there are no problems. My nick: @BirthobbsBlog look at what’s wrong there.


There really is no need to be rude.


Hello, I applied over a month ago and had some issues with the first email used to communicate, due to firewall issues, so the email address was changed to simplify all communications.

My development account is still under review after over a month, and believe it was due to a missed email.
The account is @MetallicRadio and the first email address used was and the new one is Can someone from developer staff, please check our status and help us get back on track? Thanks our reference number was ref:00DA0000000K0A8.5004A00001SwTR3
for the last received email we saw.
Thank you
I have seen a couple of Twitter staff who have responded, and am including only to ensure my post is not overlooked, the intent is not to ask for specific action from either of these account, only to ask if this is the right process and actual staff will see the problem identified thanks in advance to @LeBraat and @jessicagarson - I have seen their very helpful insight and possible help in other postings - ThankX so much!

Hi we are still not seeing any email to - we did receive phone calls and many emails from indian development organizations looking to provide services… when asked "what country are you sitting in on a call from New Jersey, they replied “India”. but still no email from TWITTER development.


Nobody’s rude! Just nerves. So much time to wait for processing of the application is not very even when ignored, then the nerves to the limit. Nowhere there is no such problems and here is so here is and I here not one!


You likely also missed one of our emails asking for more information about your use case. I’ve pinged our team about this. Please pay attention to the email address that is associated with the @handle with which you applied.


After checking in here, it seems that this case is still open and that you should be able to respond to this request. Be sure to check your spam folders.

Thanks for reaching out to us here.


Quick update here.

There are some applications out there that have more sensitive use cases than others. Those applications that fall into this category might take upwards of a month or even longer to be approved. We understand this may be frustrating and are continuing to work to improve this wait time.

At this point in time, if you have been waiting for 6 weeks or more, it is safe to say that we have reached out to the email associated with the @handle that you applied with asking for more information, and you might not have responded quick enough to this email, resulting in your application being closed.
If you believe this is you, please respond to this topic with the @handle that you applied with and the date that you applied. We will then work with our team to reopen your case so you can provide additional information about your use case.

We appreciate your patience with the process.


Thanks for reply.
But I have not received an e-mail yet.

I would like to complete the review as soon as possible because it affects customers who use the application.

Best regards


Jessica you are awesome! thanks so much, we have checked all junk email & actual server smtp log for missed emails, but can nt fnd any - any chance we can just cancel the application and start over on our end. THANKS SO MUCH!!!


I did send a follow up here noting that email address is different. I believe someone from our team should get back in touch with you shortly.


Jessica I can’t thank you enough, you truly are #awesome!
Thanks gain, Ed


@jessicagarson I work with 9to5Mac, 9to5Google, 9to5toys, Electrek, and DroneDJ. We have built a custom Twitter plugin to tweet new blog posts from Wordpress.

I provided similar info on all 5 sites for the approval. We got approval for 9to5Mac and DroneDJ within 2 weeks. I am still waiting on the other 3 sites a month later. Did I miss something? I haven’t seen any emails requesting more info, but logging in shows the apps in review. Thanks!


@bradleychambers - We helped you in another post.

Please refrain from posting duplicative content. I promise we will get around to everyone in a reasonable amount of time :ok_hand:


The original email address used to apply is not available, is it possible to cancel the entire request?

This way we can reapply using the current email address?
Thanks Jessica

We see LeBrat getting back to us, but no Twitter Dev email regarding a new account… H E L P please?


Hi, I have the same problem, with my account @PostinoSocial .
I submitted my app more than a month ago…There are problems???

Thanks in advance


My account is also still pending. handle is @garamirez06
can you help me?