Twitter Developer Account application rejected


Hi, I tried to apply for a developer account several times with different account but ALL got rejected. I tried to change my answer but I always got rejected. I applied once and Twitter asked for more detailed info but these past few days I didnt get those email and the first email I got is always rejection!


Applying for access to the API and developer platform does not guarantee that this will be granted. Access to the API is a privilege, not a right. Your eligibility will depend on your use case and compliance with the Terms of Service, Developer Policy, Automation Rules, and Restricted Use Cases.

We are unable to RE-review every single access request via these forums - there are hundreds of new requests for access every day.

If your request for access was not approved, unfortunately this means that we are unable to serve your use case at this time. This may be frustrating, but creating or using multiple accounts to repeatedly request access for the same use case is inappropriate.

Thank you for your interest in the Twitter developer platform.

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