Twitter Developer Account Application Rejected


Hey guys,

I have a legitimate tipbot which works with SmartCash and has been running and serving the community for almost a year now but my developer account was rejected and I can’t apply again. I know of a similar tipbot which works with BitcoinCash and they have even gotten Twitter to remove their rate limits. Any idea how I should seek to resolve this? Who to email, etc?

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There is no special magic here in relation to who you know or who you email. We are also unable to discuss individual applications - yours, or those belonging to others - on public forums for privacy reasons. You can use the platform API policy support forms to request assistance with individual cases. Be aware that we currently have a large inbound queue of support and review requests.


Thank you for your response. I can’t find the support forms you have mentioned. Any link that would send me to the right path would be greatly appreciated!


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