Twitter dev application over 3 weeks wait?


We applied for a twitter dev account on the 14th December 2018 and we’ve had once response which we have responded too. We’ve also posted on the @twitterDev wall in the hope they would contact us. This usually takes days, not weeks? Can someone help us - it’s only a very basic twitter feed displayed by a wordpress plugin. Thanks!


Hi @PlusYouLimited1 - it looks like we sent you a follow up email on 12/14/2018 asking for more information about your use case.

You will have to respond to this email in order for your application to move forward. Please check your Spam and Junk folders for this email, if you can’t find it in your Inbox (it’s from


Hi Aurelia

Thanks for message - I actually responded and followed up this response twice now (to see if you got he response).

I responded initially to your email at 9:33 am on 15th Dec 2018. The email was sent to:

I followed this email up in the 18th Dec 2018 at 15.23 pm

I followed up that email on 20th Dec 2018 at 13:49 pm

putting the times and dates in hope someone can find my replies - thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks @PlusYouLimited1 - I can’t see these responses but I got in touch with our internal team that deals with applications to ask them if they have. I would expect them to follow up. If you don’t hear back in the next week or so, please let me know. Thanks.


Thanks Aureilia - they have replied but they have sent the exact same email they sent me about public services. This checkbox was ticked in error and I have explained this over the 3 emails they have sent that it was an error , sent urls to the site that will display the basic twitter. The email they sent me was the same they sent 3 weeks ago! (so I’m seemingly back to the beginning :frowning: Please can you help.


  • A list of which government or public sector entities will have access to Twitter content, or information derived from Twitter content, under this use case


  • The specific use cases of your product or service by government or public sector entities


Website is a community charity website.


The application I made for the developer on October 17, 2018 has still not been approved.
mail for confirmation did not come.
What is the reason for 3 months.
I need this.


Is there any chance we could get some help here? - this guy 3 months and me getting on for a 6 weeks now? Last response i got was just asking me the same question and the response pasted above


Hi Aurelia

Hope well.

It’s the 6th February and twitter developers still have not authorised
this twitter account to display a basic feed. I have replied to all the
messages sent by twitter developers and still have not had any answer or

Please would you be able to looking into our case. It’s been nearly 2
months now.



Hi @PlusYouLimited1 - let me check with the team why this is happening. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.


@Muzikveyasam - you will have to respond to the follow up email that was sent to you on 10/17/2018. Please respond to the questions in that email, in order for your application to be processed.


@PlusYouLimited1 - It looks like we sent you two requests for a list of your government customers (on December 14 and January 10). As we did not receive a response, your case was automatically closed.

You will have to respond to our request, for us to process the application.

The team re-sent the request just now and re-opened your case. Given that you did tick the box by mistake, you can simply state in your reply that it was done in error.


that mail has already been approved.
but still in the waiting stage.


@Muzikveyasam - I’ve asked the team to resend you this email, as we never received an answer from you. Please respond to it in as much detail as possible. Thanks

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