Twitter:description tag is not showing on mobile


I have implemented twitter card for our site. The meta tag has the following meta tags:
where the value for twitter:description and twitter:image come from variables
The data looks fine when I run the url through twitter card validator. When I tweet the card shows as expected on twitter on Desktop. However, the twitter:description does not render on mobile when I login to twitter using mobile device. It just shows empty. The twitter:image and twitter:title shows as expected.
Any advise?

Thanks in advance.


I assume this is a summary card?

Mobile, and desktop web, renderings of cards can differ for the reasons of space and performance. The validator usually shows an indicative view of the card for desktop web.


Thanks andypiper.
So, should I reduce the number of meta tags I am passing? Is there any other tool where I can try to validate the summary card for mobile? I just saw this under “twitter:description” section in
"Platform specific behaviors:
iOS, Android: Not displayed"
Does that mean that even if I have twitter:description on my summary card it will not display on iphone or samsung?
If that is the case that explains why I am missing this specific meta tag.
Please, advise.


It will not display on mobile as described in the docs