Twitter crashes on click of App Card



We are using player card for displaying videos in a tweet. When the video story is shared from our app in Twitter, the player card shows fine. On click of the card, it opens another window, with a option to open in our app. But on click of the "Open in App " button, Twitter crashes. Why this is happening ? Our app was installed in the device.Is anything extra must be done to prevent the crash and launch our app



I have the same problem on android device. I tried to set the twitter:app:url:googleplay meta with :

  • http url like “” : this opens the url into a internal webview in twitter apps (this does not open my app)
  • deeplink url like “myapp://mypath” : twitter app crashes

If I don’t set the twitter:app:url:googleplay meta, it opens my app but without url passed (so I’m on the home view of my app)




Can you share the URL so we can look at the meta tags?



You can look at this one :

The al:android:url meta is set with uplike:// protocol. The first time I click on “open in application” in the tweet this works fine but on the second time, twitter crashs.


Also why the app link is not present for picture sharing ? I see it only for audio / video sharing (all with player embedded)


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