Twitter counter staging of wpengine works and does not work in real



I have a problem with the tweets counter, I know that there are many open forums but do not solve anything :frowning:

I’m using WPENGINE, so I have two websites, the web of staging and real. My problem is that having the same code…the counter works in staging and in real does not work. I’m not sure why it may be, I take a long time.

I’m using a wordpress plugin “AddToAny” I thought it might be that but using only the button that provides Twitter does not work.

Thanks for your help!


Which counter is this?


The data-counturl parameter of the Tweet button markup affects the URL used to display share count.

The link rel=canonical of the page is used by Twitter and search engines to determine the proper reference for the page.

Both URLs should be the same on staging and production to affect the share count component of the Tweet button.

The share count component of the Tweet button will soon be removed. If you enjoy tinkering and finding a solution you may want to limit your time invested.


This is Tweet count of staging

This is Tweet count of production (The post has been shared but is always zero.)


I don´t understand why in staging works and production don´t works :frowning:

I tried all that and still not working

Thank you!


I need to show the counter :frowning:

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