Twitter Counter Button Not Working Properly



My name is Mauricio and I’m the owner of Ever since I installed the Twitter counter button from, it doesn’t seem to be working properly. For some strange reason when I make a NEW post/article, the Twitter counter button immediately shows a random number (usually 1,2 or 3 immediate tweets). I would think it’s maybe someone automatically re-tweeting, but it can’t be because it is always some random number and it is always immediately after I post it. Even my Facebook Like and Google +1 buttons don’t behave that way.

I’ve contacted and they’ve been telling me “We’re working on a fix right now. The issue is something on Twitter’s side and we’re in contact with them to get this resolved as soon as possible.” You can read the entire thread here:

My question is, is this really true? And if so, is there any word on this issue and how it’s coming along. It’s been going on for more than 3 months and I find it hard to believe there still isn’t a solution to this.

I also get a bunch of notifications via e-mail saying that certain Twitter users are now “following” me, but when I go to check my followers, for some reason I see the counter go up and then down, as if people would add me and then delete me. I’ve seen it go from 78 followers to 82 followers for the past 2 months even though I’ve been notified that I have new Twitter followers. I’ve had over 200 followers supposedly now following me according to my e-mails, but I only see 82 in my account. I saw 82 followers back in October and although I’ve seen hundreds more supposedly following me, I still have 82. I’ve even tried checking out to see if the users that were supposedly now following me were in my list of followers in my Twitter account…and for some reason, some show up on my list, while others do not. So either the users are not added to my account or the e-mail notifications are incorrect. Something strange is going on with this and hopefully someone can assist me with it.

Thanks in advance.


Does anyone know the answer to this? If someone from Twitter could help, we’d greatly appreciate it!


I’m really not aware of how AddThis makes use of the Tweet Button. I can help you with any issues you’re having if you were using the standard Tweet Button, but I have little-to-no knowledge of third party intermediary software like AddThis.


Hi Taylor,

Thanks for the reply.

These guys on tell me that it’s Twitter who is having these issues. Would you be able to pass this information down to someone who is supposedly dealing with this issue already? I mean really, who can help me get this resolved once and for all?

AddThis tells me that Twitter has some bug and they are in talks with the Twitter team, but I haven’t seen anything resolved for the past 3+ months. Please let me know if you can get in touch with someone on the Twitter team to resolve this or what would I have to do to get this fixed?

Also, did you look at my last paragraph? I also had problems with the Twitter “follow”, please read into the details above in my first post and let me know what could be going wrong.

Thanks again and hope you can help me out with all of this mess.

Regards, Team


Hi Taylor,

Did you look over my last message by any chance?


yes tenks,kiss


yes tenks, kiss?? Is that spam?

If someone can please help us out on this matter, we’d greatly appreciate it. This is already getting very frustrating with no responses by either you guys or the third party.

Hope you guys can help us out soon.


Can anyone here on Twitter PLEASE HELP answer these questions? We’ve been needing help from you guys for the past 3 months and no luck so far.

We’d greatly appreciate it if someone could assist us with this matter ASAP.

Thx in advance!!!


There is the maybe 2 prob… maybe whoever visit your website someone twitt and look like a follow because they are only visiting your website but website server doesnt pick up (may your website look like ok and pick up but visiters also clan side servers doesnt promt this follows and u can see but after look like just visit mean not follow or anything )second most people when visitting the any website doesnt know mean send u twitt and look like a hit mean server or tracker maybe web browser or follow but mean whatever given advance may country may server area lots of matter sime times firewall i had like simaler problem but doesnt boring


Hi Korhan,

Thanks for the reply, but that’s definitely not the problem. To the second part of my original question, I clearly get e-mails from Twitter saying that someone is “following” and when I check, sometimes they appear on my “followers”, while sometimes they don’t. The # of followers has stayed the same despite the fact that new people are following me.

For my first question, that’s definitely not the case either. It automatically tweets a random # of tweets as soon as I post an article. Even the guys at tell me there’s a bug with Twitter and they are trying to resolve it right now with Twitter. AddThis reps still haven’t replied to my forum thread (check link in my first post above) so that’s why I was trying to contact Twitter to see what was going on.

Can someone from Twitter please look into this case? We want to be able to continue using Twitter services, but we need it to actually work first.

Hope to hear from someone at Twitter soon!!


Can someone from Twitter please help me with this???

This is very important to us!

Thx in advance…


WOW, nobody has replied to this yet. Does anyone at Twitter work here? I’ve been trying to figure this out forever!!

If someone could please assist us with this ASAP, I’d greatly appreciate it.


All we can do is reiterate what Taylor told you. If you’re using AddThis’ software, they need to resolve the issue with us. It’s impossible to support their code through someone not familiar with what API calls they’re issuing.

Regarding the followers thing, it does appear like your count is incrementing, since you’re now at 88 followers. Sometimes people will unfollow after following an account for a short amount of time, and sometimes spam accounts are deactivated after following a large number of accounts, both of which might trigger a notification email for the initial follow. If you have any specific examples of an account that wants to follow you clearly not showing up in your followers list, please contact for help with account issues.


Thanks for getting back to me on this issue. However, I spoke with the guys at and they tell me they’ve tried working with your guys on this but the issue is coming from your end. Could you find out if Twitter is currently working on this issue or will never resolve this?

I just don’t know what to do anymore.

As for the followers, that’s fine. It make sense.


If they can point me at a specific thread in this group or an issue on our tracker I may have a better idea of what their complaint is.


I have been complaining trying to ‘tweet’ twitter about this for years now … i have tons of people follow, go to the account straight away and they are no where to be seen. follows and numbers going up and down… i know for a fact people have been deleted when they did not unfollow… i support your question… when will twitter work on this issue… it causes a lot of greif with people thinking you have unfollowed and also confusion with relationships! this is the whole point of twitter … followers… so surely a priority to get it fixed! peace, lynne


@mmafight is ur issue fixed yet? I am using addthis code too and having same issue. we tweeted yesterday and today but count is still zero for us too.


I have installed the twitter counter on my blog
But the counter doesn’t increment even if there’s a new follower. It only shows the initial number which was when i first installed…