Twitter conversion tracking for downloads



Hi all! I’m implementing conversion tracking code for a campaign to promote a pdf download. The conversion tracking code usually gets added to a “thank-you” or “success” page but as this is a pdf download there is no such page - just a button which links to the download. In which case, where does the tracking conversion code go?

When we added it to the page with the download link we got a number of false positive results, so I know it’s not there; some people recommended adding it to an onclick, but we cannot test if that works given the campaign hasn’t started so i’m not keen on using it (as a side note, is there a sandbox for conversion tracking?). Thanks for the help!


Hi @thisNatasha,

I would recommend you fire the single event tag code on the onclick as well, I have tested this myself and recommended the same type of tracking to other clients with a similar use case. We do not have a sandbox for conversion tracking, but you could use this w3 schools button testing page and install our Twitter Pixel Helper Chrome extension to make sure the tag executes when testing.