Twitter Connect Error: [#0.717734]


Hi there,
So I got this error message,

“[#0.717734] There is an error with your Twitter application settings. Please check to ensure that you have not set your Twitter application as a Desktop application type, it must be set to ‘Browser’”

And followed these instructions http://community.inv…er-connect-r349 only to find out that there is no option for “Browser”. What do I do?


I’d like to know the answer to this as well.


and we are 3


This happens due to a technicality in our OAuth implementation.

If you provide a URL, such as in your “callback URL” field on your application record on, the application will be in what used to be called “web mode” and allow a dynamic redirect to happen instead – which is probably what you’re looking for here.



we have the same error at our forum when we try to enable twitter connect. Ive entered at loopback address, but its still no working.


Please open a new topic with a description of your current issue - this thread is seven years old and unrelated to the issue you are seeing.