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I’ve read a little bit about the new Twitter developer communities popping up in London, Chicago, etc. I’m wondering if there is a minimum expected attendee count at these events. Basically, I’m interested in starting/hosting a community in my area (Buffalo, NY) but the developer community is not as large as these bigger cities and I don’t know what kind of turn out would be expected. Is there a formal process for heading up one of these communities?


I was actually reading about those yesterday as well I just doubt my area will have enough (maybe any) interest. I could be surprised due to being right next to a big university, would be cool to know if there was a way to gauge interest.

As for the formal process:


Hi @DanielCHood @WUMSite would be happy to chat with you - most of these communities start small and grow over time. To be considered an active user group you most host these once a quarter, but we don’t have a specific requirement on #s based on the fact that some communities are smaller than others. I’ve responded to your email as well. Thanks!


Thanks Kelly, looking forward to getting started! :smiley:


Is there anywhere to get like a rough summary of talking points in the existing communities meetings?


I’m not aware of a central / single place where you’d get that, as each meetup is organised locally. Having said that, I’ve been to both of the two London meetups so far and you can get a sense of the content from the agenda of the most recent one in December. I’ve heard that groups in other cities have spent more time talking about Fabric, or having more partners talk about what they’ve built on the platform. I imagine you could check that by looking at their related meetup pages.


Hi @kellyshalk, I apologize that I mixed up the time for our meeting, I have not been able to get a hold of you since then but I would definitely like to chat about setting this up in my area sometime.



We’ve all been travelling recently so apologies for any delays in getting back to you on this - stay tuned and we appreciate your patience.



My sincere apologies for the delay. With recent Fabric news we’ve been very busy lately (and traveling). Will get back to you over email today.



Hi Kelly,

Just checking in to see if now is a better time to discuss setting up a Twitter Community in my area or if you’re still overbooked.


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We are still working out some program changes. I will be in touch once
everything is ironed out.

Thanks for checking in.