widget not working on wordpress


I created a widget on Twitter for my site using the HTML it provided:

'Tweets by @gaaradams '

However, only the title works. The second part doesn’t work at all in my sidebar. Any suggestions?


Are you viewing the site through a web server or from your local machine?

The relative protocol request for // requires that you’re viewing in a served context. If you’re testing locally, you can replace that string with

#3 / / / widgets.js


The twitter widget isn’t working on my blog either and I have alerted Support over a week ago and haven’t heard from them. Here is the html that isn’t showing up on blogger…


Also what’s more surprising is that this widget is missing from my twitter account too. I hadn’t deleted it because I had made the effort to customise it to my blog’s colours. So can twitter not mess around with people’s accounts like this?


I am having the same problem. None of my Twitter widgets for WordPress are working. I went to the API instructions to see if there were any changes. They have examples of code (same as the code I got when I created the widget) and they say see the embedded Tweets here in this page. None of their embedded tweets show on the instructions page. So Twitter is having the same problem.

I’ve notified @Support and posted the problem to the Discussions–no response. I guess we will it is working when it starts to show on their own instructions page again.


Twitter seems to have fixed the problem! Their own examples are now showing in their documentation page at and they are working now on all my sites. Be sure you are using the latest widget code for the updated API–redo them on your widget settings page to be sure.


I am not an expert on computers. But I think I have the same problem. I created a Twitter widget on Wordpress. No matter how much I try to follow instructions I see online, nothing seems to work. Or I may just be doing something wrong. I edit the widget settings on Twitter, copy the URL and paste it on the “Widget ID” box on the “Twitter Timeline” widget. I refresh the page and nothing shows but the widget title. (see photo) Can anyone help me please? Thank you!