Twitter Code


Twitter currently provides a generated code to display twitter on websites. However, the tweets that are being displayed are tweets from my account; my tweets & retweets. Am i able to receive a solution for displaying tweets from the ‘home tab’ page instead? This refers to the tweets of the people I am following that will display in the ‘home tab’ page.


The closest you can do is to create a list with all the people you follow and create a widget that displays that list.


So the same way the codes were written to display my tweets cannot be tweaked to display the tweets in my ‘home tab’ page, am I right? As a developer, are you able to suggest to me alternatives so that I am able to achieve my desired outcome? What are the repercussions of it then?


You can have or you can add a Widget to put in your Blog or website a specific tweets. Just go to the create option - Widget Configuration and at the usename you can write what you want to see you can put your timeline when you write @your_user_name but you can do this with others usernames or even with list that can be your’s or from other users. Just read doc and you will see that there is a lot of possiblities. Enjoy!!! Bone chance!!!


Also you can look and read this:


You can add everyone you follow to a list, then embed a List Timeline view on your website.