Twitter clips/images not visible in some browser



I have browsed the web trying to find a solution to this problem, many people have suggested disabling avast plugin,yet none of these worked.

Twitter image/cards not showing on chrome and mozilla

Hi Do I get Twitter support for this issue?


Can you please be clear about the issue you are describing?

  • does this relate to embedded Tweets on the page you’ve posted a link to, or
  • does this relate to a card not showing in a Tweet when you post the link on Twitter?



In Both , twitter clips and images not showing

thank you for reply


So by clips, you mean embedded Tweets are not rendering correctly. Do you have any plugins enabled in your browsers? It seems likely that something is interfering with the embedded Tweet rendering code. Did you get that from


Unfortunately, that did not help.


website build in wordpress,so many plugins are there…no idea which one is interfering with the embedded tweet rendering code…
any suggestion?


Any ideas on how to fix this?


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