Twitter certification and licencing



We are implementing Twitter as application to the TV set.

How to proceed with certificaiton or licencing?

Is there any requirements from Twitter on this procedure?



For integrations like this, Twitter is currently not offering certification or licensing. Follow the [node:110,title=“Terms of Service”] and Branding Guidelines at and your TV-based integration should be fine, as long as your packaging/literature doesn’t imply that the application is an official Twitter application or associated directly with Twitter.


Dear Taylor Singletary,

Thank you for your replay.

That looks good, but anyway we, as TV set manufacturer, need to use official Twitter logos on the stickers, leaflets, user manuals and packaging as well.

So let me suggest, we anyway have to apply the licencing for twitter logo usage.

What is your opinion?

If logo licensing is required, how to proceed with it, please?