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Hi All

I just wanted to post a message to see what state twitter player cards are at.

I submitted my url for validation about a month ago, i am in know way asking twitter to hurry up as i understand they probably get hundreds of requests a day.

But i just wanted to check this service is still working and twitter are allowing twitter cards as it would be a huge asset to my company.

Feedback would be appreciated




Can anyone please update me on this???

Read through all points
The HTTPS lock is broken or showing active mixed content warnings

A: i have everything setup as https no mixed content warings

The content must have stop or pause controls

A: yes have stop or pause controls

In Android/iOS browsers the experience must fall back gracefully (sized for mobile viewport, no broken Flash embeds, etc)

A: yes resizes correctly

Content greater than 10 seconds in length must not play automatically

A: nothing should play automatically

The content must not require sign-in

A: does not require sign in

The content must not be entirely an ad

A: No ads present

The player URL must not point directly to a .swf

A: does not point to swf

Check if the player’s z-index causes the content to overlap the page header

A: Checked this aspect

If the browser asks you whether you want to display insecure assets, you have an https problem
Make sure the image is at least 68,600 pixels (a 262x262 square image, or a 350x196 16:9 image) or bigger.

A: EVerything should be fine no errors

The player URL is not HTTPS (did we mention this before?)

If i am missing anything please let me know???


Guess i am not even going to get a response on this, its been nearly 3+ months now since i submitted my card for approval i have followed all guidelines as stated above.

If you only approval certain websites can you please state this or at least give me a response i dont want to be pushy but 3+ months is a long time.

PLEASE can someone help me with this PLS PLS PLS


Thanks Audibase


Any news anyone we have now changed our url structure to and everything is https secure.

Please can someone respond


Thanks Audibase


Can someone please update me on twitter cards does it still even work???



Thanks Audibase


Hey man, did you ever hear back and get your card approved?


This is a very old post - if you have an issue with cards then I recommend that you start a new thread. Note that the only card type that requires whitelisting is the Player card, all others are automatically managed now.