Twitter cards working intermittently and when working does not load images; tried troubleshooting steps



For our STAGE environment which is publicly available;

twitter cards on the cards validator works only intermittently without errors and when it works, the image is not loaded

have gone through all troubleshooting steps but still the cards do not load . The URL is -

The image size is less than 5 MB and dimensions is more than the minimum dimensions required, also, changed it to summary_large_card from summary card, still the image did not load.


Any leads on this issue ?


Hi @andypiper , sorry to tag you here but could you please have a look, why twitter cards is not able to fetch image for our site ?


The image link is

This redirects to (i.e. the HTTPS version of the URL)

Testing the SSL configuration of the site indicates an error and the crawler is unable to retrieve the image as a result. I’m not sure what else I can do to help you.


Thanks for looking into it @andypiper

However, the cards validator does sometime render the card properly with image . So it is intermittent. I checked the
SSL configuration of site at

there are many issues reported here - not sure which one I need to fix to stop the intermittent behaviour of the card validator, so that cards start appearing smoothly for our website


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