Twitter Cards with Redirect URL not working


Our App have been approved and worked fine on first day, but it doesn’t anymore.

Here is the URL i am trying to share:
which redirects to:,euro%20area:unemployment%20rate,united%20kingdom:unemployment%20rate,united%20states:unemployment%20rate&c=rgba(32,150,49,0.8);rgba(247,152,57,0.8);rgba(153,0,51,0.8);rgba(70,130,180,0.8)&t=spline,spline,spline,spline

Full Url works fine on card validator but the shorten doesn’t.

Also, when i shared the shorten url before it worked. Example:

Any idea of whats happening?



Might have been a cache delay. Looks like it works now.

Let us know if you have other issues!


Sadly, still not working.
Here are some examples:



It’s been 4 weeks since last reply, please can you check it again?
It is still not working.
Here are some examples: