Twitter cards validate but don't show up in tweets


When I try to validate the card on this page:
the validator passes and indicates “* approved.”

I can see no reason that tweeting that same url wouldn’t cause the card to display, but it’s not. Different variations of the same url (no subdomain, different space encoding) didn’t work either. Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi there - it looks like the size of the image that you’re providing in og:image is 50x50, but that’s too small (in the documentation, we note that the minimum size that should be supplied is 60x60).


Hi I have facing the same problem cards is approved but not attached with tweets and also I am using the image higher then minimum size.


hey i’m also facing the same problem here… my summary card has validate but its not showing in tweets my image size is 261x193 any specific reason why its not showing in tweets…?


We are having the same problem for TwitterCards (we are approved; however the Twitter Cards are not appearing on our Feed (


My site was approved for Twitter Cards, but none of the posts are showing correctly. My blog is at


Yes we are having the same problem for twitter cards (we are approved. however the twitter cards note appearing on our feeds…


Yes we are having the same problem for twitter cards (we are approved. however the twitter cards note appearing on our feeds…


Approved but Twitter Card not working properly - Site:


Hi Kirstin.

There are no Twitter Card meta tags on that site.


Edited: works fine now, 1 day after being approved.


appears now:


I am having the same problem with Is there something I am not doing. Thanks.


My site was approved more than 24 hrs ago and my pages validate, however no cards show up on my tweets. See this tweet, for example, . What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


I am having the same problem, twitter cards are approved in the validator but don’t show up in my twitter page.

I use the product card, my images are 300x200, my site is


Works now! It took 2 days after the approval to start working. Also, I made sure to explicitly add Twitter crawler to the robots.txt file yesterday, so that plus another 24 hours may have been the key.


Thanks. We’re having the same problem. I’ll try this too.


I have the same issue. Approved in the validator but images don’t show up in my twitter page.
my blog:
tweet: (my images are 400x400)


Your robots.txt ( prevents Twitter’s crawler from getting the images. More details here:


OK, so, if I post a link (approved with meta tags) from my blog post into a tweet, that should automatically show the “summary”… or is there another code I have to post into my tweet?