Twitter Cards URL problem



HI there,

I have a query regarding the url I put in my twitter cards, and I would be grateful if anyone could help.

I have selected the action in my twitter card to be ‘apply now’ as I am a recruiter. However, rather than direct the candidate to a website, I want to put in a mailto link similar to this: When clicked on, this should open up a template email for the candidate to attach their CV to and then send to me. Unfortunately, when I try to put this in as my card’s url it says ‘invalid url’ because of course it is not a real url, merely a shortcut to opening an email. However, tinyurl allows me to turn my mailto link into a real url: If you clicked on this it would lead to you to the same place as the mailto link would. Unfortunately, when I try to make the card after entering the url, it will not create, and the words ‘object window’ come up. Maybe Twitter is trying to build a preview but obviously this isn’t possible?

If anyone had any suggestions for a workaround I would be extremely grateful.

Many thanks in advance,