Twitter Cards: URL not whitelisted - where do i go from here?



I have an audio-streaming site written primarily in PHP. I have dynamic meta tags in place which populate v well in WhatsApp and Facebook. Whilst currently i am not using the official twitter:card markups, i am using og: image which is a documented fallback.

I have inputted various URLs into the card validator and keep getting

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 11 metatags were found
WARN: Not whitelisted

I have no further options or indicators to proceed. Do i need to submit a request for my site to be whitelisted? If so - how? The validator is obviously picking up the metatags…

Thanks in advance for any advice


Is anything not clear from this post?


Thanks for the response
Have read through it but want to check how strict this point was

First part of the statement implies there must be AT LEAST ONE twitter:card
Second part (highlighted) implies that one can get away with just og:

I’m meddling late at night so may be misinterpreting


As it says in the second link you’ve pasted, if you do not include twitter:card but do include og:type as well as og:title and og:description you should see a summary card. If you want any other type of card e.g. summary large image, you will need to include it in twitter:card.

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