Twitter Cards summary displaying incorrect description and image


Hi, I am using Yoast SEO Plugin on the Gensis framework in Wordpress.

My twitter cards have been validated and work on certain posts but on some posts a general description of the site appears instead of what is written in the meta description of the specific post. It seems when i tweet the first post on a particular twitter account it will show the desired summary but any tweets of posts after this will display the general site description, seemingly overwriting the post meta description. Are og tags overwriting or confilcting here?

Newbie to twitter cards!

Many thanks.


Can you provide some links to posts with both the working and the generic descriptions in the cards?


Thanks Andy,

this is the one thats working.

this is displaying generic summary

Many Thanks



I appear to have both of those working now, but for some reason other urls on the site are not currently showing the summary cards. This could be a caching issue that will be fixed in a few days.