Twitter Cards Suddenly Stopped Working


Description of issue:

My cards suddenly stopped working. When I run a link through the validator, it says:

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 2 metatags were found
ERROR: No card found (Card error)

I turned on cards a long time ago inside Yoast SEO. The only thing I can think of that happened since then is I switched from http to https.

URL affected (must be public):

Troubleshooting steps attempted [note that we will not prioritise posts unless there is evidence of following the troubleshooting guides]:

I couldn’t find the robots.txt file. There was only a robots.txt folder in the cache that seemed to only contain old files.

I’m sorry I really don’t understand how to do any of the other steps. I’m not a developer, just someone trying to get cards to work for my wordpress site.

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