Twitter cards suddenly stopped working for my website. Validator returns Server Error


Hi there,

My Summary (or Summary large image) twitter cards have suddenly stopped working for my blog. They used to work just fine until around a couple of weeks ago. They just won’t show on Twitter when the link is placed.

Tha validator always returns a “Server Error” message for any URL with the Markup, and when I use the “Try Cards” manually entering the information and URLs I get a “Failed to get a proxied URL for the image” message.

Here’s a page with the usual markup (the one I’ve been using all this time and worked 'til now)

I know there are similar issues for many users, but just cheking just in case is a problema with my server, or DNS, or Domain, even though the site seems to be working proprerly, because I’m getting a similar result on other sharing services like G+. I even modified my robots.txt to cover all Twitter related things, here’s the URL


We have the same issue with twitter cards for example: the url validates; however, does not show as a twitter card on twitter.


I’ve tried everything I could and still not a clue about what’s causing the issue.

I’ve added and reworked several robots.txt just in case, and nothing seems to work. I’ve tried the validator several times and came to some conclusions.

In the “Try cards” part, entering the Image url offers funny results: while obviously Title and description fail miserably, the image ACTUALLY SHOWS!, but if I fill Title and Description fields too sometimes the image shows, and sometimes I get the “Failed to get a proxied URL for the image.” error message.

The validator always returns a 500 error on

My webhost won’t give me any explanation, they say the domain and hosting are working fine and they can’t provide any support for “third-party services”. :frowning: