twitter cards stopped working


twitter cards are no longer showing

Twitter Cards has stopped

Your site seems to have a bunch of HTML content errors. I’m not sure if that is related to the card data not being read correctly.


kindly note the following points:

that meta information exists although card validator returns “No Metatags found”
accessing the url with user-agent “twitterbot” works fine.
nothing changed since 2013
does Twitter crawlers use proxies that might not access the website or not?
Are you facing any networking issues or not as the url is accessible from everywhere?
is this issue the same root cause as:
Suddenly no Card available: WARN: No metatags found1 : Suddenly no Card available: WARN: No metatags found


Dear Andy
As suddenly stopped, The card is working now. we didn’t any change from our side, so is it from your side?


I think the card validator may have been updated yesterday, but I am unable to confirm this. I’m glad to know the cards are working again for you.


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