Twitter Cards Stopped displaying


Cards stopped validating due to an internal error

Twitter Cards have been working fine since first implemented but have now stopped Validating.
E.G. The above URL was posted and generated a card here:

A repeat test posting of this URL still produced a card due to caching.
However, as soon as I validated the URL using the cache was cleared and it now fails.

The error coming back is blockedByRobotsImageUrl Which is rubbish, no change had been made, I have even explicitly added Twitterbot/1.0 to the robots.txt

None of our pages are generating cards now.

Has there been some other change with card validation or is there a bug with the bot?

A typical error returned by the validator:



I don’t see this error (it it not something returned in the validator UI).

I do see an SSL issue with your site. Currently the validator shows

ERROR: Fetching the page failed because other errors.

Per the troubleshooting post, this is almost always caused by an SSL issue. See this SSL Labs site test. Our fetcher will not succeed with sites that do not support at least TLS 1.2.


You need to use your browser’s Developer Tools to view the JSON response I posted, the UI doesn’t interpret/display it.

I thought the issue raised had been addressed prior to this, We shall address and get sorted as soon as possible.

Many thanks for your response

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